A:  A Surface Active Agent (SURFACTANT) in detergent form that gives MEAN GREEN its fast penetrating action.  This serves to burrow deep into the grime and break the mineral bond to the surface.  MEAN GREENTM contains more of this type of surfactant than any other product.

B:  A second Surface Active Agent (SURFACTANT) also in detergent form that when combined with the first, gives it the power not only to dissolve dirt, but also grease, in a manner that is consistent with traditional environmentally harmful solvents.

C:  A third component acts as an ANTI-SOIL REDEPOSITATION AGENT.  This is to keep the grime from reclinging to the surface during rinsing with water or wiping.  This component is crucial to the final results of the cleaning process.

0:  A third Surface Active Agent (SURFACTANT) is used to dissolve hydrocarbons.  Most cold water degreasers do not include this component.  This also gives MEAN GREENTM the extra chemical activity needed to tackle the tough jobs.

E:  The final component is what is called a detergent builder. Think of it as being like adding bleach to the laundry.  You do this because it helps detergents work better.  This component boosts the cleaning ability of MEAN GREENTM.

F:  Finally all components are mixed in a certain order, under varying mixing conditions and times, to develop the proper synergism (the action of two or more substances to achieve an effect superior to that of just one).

MEAN GREENTM contains up to 60% more active ingredients than other cleaners and degreasers that make similar claims.  This gives MEAN GREENTM the power to truly perform the jobs for which it is labeled.

What allows MEAN GREENTM to be so effective ... ?


    The components of MEAN GREENTM are compounded in such a manner as to produce a very chemically active cleaner that forces loose grease and grime from surfaces.  To do this, MEAN GREEN contains ...